Warren Art Academy!

The Collaborative + Warren Parks & Recreation invite you to pick from four amazing FREE classes:
Meeting: Sundays, March 4, 11, 18, and 25; 1pm-4pm
Option 1:   Non-Traditional and Experimental Art Techniques
Ages: High School

Description: What do junk mail, dirt, balloons, and spray paint have to do with making art? Sign up for this class in Experimental art techniques and find out! Each Sunday we are going to create artwork using tools and techniques that most people would never dream of using; but hey, we're not most people, we're artists! Note: Imagination required.
Teacher: Lauren Enjeti

Option 2:  Functional Sculpture
Ages: 9 – 14

Description: Students will explore how an everyday object can be transformed into a piece of art. Design and build a variety of 3D objects from jewelry, sculptural shelves, paper, lanterns, and kites.  Students will use simple power tools, paint, wire, art paper, and basic electronics.
Teacher: Juliette Casselman

Part II:
Meeting: Friday March 23rd 3pm-6pm; Saturday March 24th & Sunday March 25th 10am-1pm

Option 1: Filmmaking
Ages: 12 & Up

Description: Students will create video-based content of their own design, for their own purposes, and with technology they already have familiarity with. We supply the tools, training and technology to create video-based projects in and for the modern-day world.
Teacher: Tommy Whalen

Option 2: Printmaking and Pattern Design
Ages: 11 & Up

Description: In this course, students will study a number of patterns from Victorian wallpapers to Arabic tiles, and figure out how repeating patterns are created.  Drawing on what has been learned, students will then create their own unique design that can repeat infinitely.  After learning about printmaking and lino prints, students will carve their design into a linoleum block.  This block will be inked and printed over and over to create a large beautiful pattern print. 
Teacher: Adam Tracy

These classes are free thanks in part to funding from: