Deb Hickey

Deb received a BFA in photography from The Art Institute of Boston and currently works out of her studio at Lyra Art Studios in Olneyville.

Photo collage transfers

"When I travel, no matter how far or near I take photographs of architecture, landscape and signage (including graffiti) with whatever camera I have available. When I return home I then manipulate those photographs to create new realities full of whimsy and color using Photoshop and photo apps.  I use collage to help me get lost in the process of creating new realities. 
I am fascinated with the idea that we create our own reality in order to find comfort with the decisions we make in our life. We can exist in our skin and find peace within our world when the story we tell ourselves is better than a story someone else makes up for us. We share a common environment and sometimes a common language but our realities and our stories are unique only to us. 
After my collages are created I then reverse the image and print on ink jet film. With a DASS solution I transfer the images to a substrate, which is usually board or paper. I prefer transferring my images with film instead of printing directly to paper because I enjoy seeing my hand back into the work. It is my way of printmaking photographs and the process is never perfect."