Sandy MacDonald

Sandy graduated from RI College with a BFA in Painting & Printmaking a billion years ago. When she’s not working on her series, Sandy is a decorative painter.
She specializes in murals, painted furniture finishes and special wall finishes.

TOY PORTRAITS - serious paintings on not so serious subjects.

"My subjects - statuettes, action figures, pop culture ephemera - were created with preconceived ideas of their character and purpose. Most, if not all, were made to amuse their owners or to decorate space on a shelf. A lot of work was put into fabricating each item in order to capture a consumer audience.
I view these objects differently, more specifically: I wonder what they’d be like if they stepped out of character. How they would like to be portrayed? What are they like on their days off? Even though they are inanimate objects, I don't perceive my work as “still life;” the angles and perspectives have almost a human quality to them - their look or physical language.

Yes, these are the things I think about."

- Sandy Macdonald