The Collaborative Mission:

To provide an environment for creatives that supports, encourages and celebrates the diverse talents within Rhode Island and that delivers all ages arts education and promotes accessible, life-enriching art experiences. 

Our Story

The Collaborative began as an idea from Jeff. Late at Jack's one night, Uriah was spouting off about wanting to open a movie theater and Jeff says, "what this town needs is an artist's co-op."

"What's that?" replied Uriah.

"I'm not really sure, but I think it'd be cool."

And then it began....

We (Jeff Danielian, Adam Tracy and Uriah Donnelly) began to meet on Monday evenings at The Fort developing concepts and painting with broad strokes what something like an Artist's Collaborative might look like. Our main goal was to create a space where artist of all mediums could congregate and cooperate to create a living, breathing, working community.

What WE Are: The Collaborative is a member driven nonprofit arts organization.

What WE Do:  The Collaborative provides a space for local artists to exhibit their work and collaborate together. We have gallery nights, master classes, and other events to help increase exposure and establish a thriving arts community. 

Why WE Do:  Building a strong community relies on people striving for the betterment of where they live, and this is what The Collaborative is trying to achieve.  

The Collaborative's goal is to maintain a space that provides support for community projects and educational opportunities for youth.

Jeff Danielian
Uriah Donnelly
Adam Tracy

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